What happened in Session One?

Hopefully, your Burnet News Club session are now in full swing. We'd like to hear about what you have been up to! In Session One, there was the cartoon video and the discussion about the fictional place, Inoutia.

Let us know about any interesting discussions you had!

  • Did you hear any new ideas or opinions during the session?
  • How did you feel being during the activity when you were an 'In' or an 'Out'?
  • Were there any opinions shared where people really agreed or disagreed?
  • Did you use any BNC skills: reasoning, scepticism, open-mindedness, storytelling or curiosity?
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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg talented_cookie | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    30 Apr 2019

    In the activity, I enjoyed being an 'In' because we had lots of money and had lots of places to go to and meet but the 'Outs' had no money and they were poor so I felt kind of bad for them.

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  • Willowtown-logo-250x250.jpg knowledgeable_iceberg | Willowtown Community Primary School
    02 May 2019

    I really enjoyed this activity it was fun to do and it was very interesting (i was an in) at the start i felt kind of bad for the out's because they didn't do anything to be in the place they were. at the start i was hoping that the in's would help the out's and become a great community but as the story went on that definitely didn't happen. i was very friendly to the out's but when more and more of them came in i felt like our place was over populated and this needed to stop.

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg busy_song | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    07 May 2019

    Question 1: Firstly, I disagree that it is fair because I believe that it is unfair to keep one side very poor (the Outs) and one side extremely rich (the Ins). In my opinion, the Ins people could share with the Outs and with the trading goods and facilities make a business they could trade and invest with other countries in order to make their economy thrive and maybe, it could increase the city’s wealth to make them richer than before.

    In this situation, I believe that the outs would be angry since they have to work very hard to sell crops and make a living however, the Ins live freely and peacefully and are wealthy without having to work that hard. The consequences is that the outs would want to life a better, happier life meaning that they would go to the ins’ area and become wealthy as well. This would have a potential effect on the Ins’ economy.

    Question 2: I believe that the Ins should not necessarily be worried since the Outs could want to buy items and it would make the economy of the Ins better so it would thrive more. At the same time, I also believe that the Ins should be worried since they might come to the place to work for money and then after leave the country with a shortage of jobs or could take the city over and rule it for themselves. Since the jobs have been taken away by the Outs, there will be more people working meaning that the wages and salary go much lower and the demands are high.

    The Outs should be happy to enter the Ins’ city since the Ins’ city is much better than their city. The Ins’ city has a sociable area, cafes, shops and everyone is wealthy and does not have to work that hard. In the Outs’ city, people have to work all day, get bored and for that, they get little money as well and have hard lives. In the Ins’ city, they would not have to work that hard but still be wealthy and would not have to get bored since there is a social area where people can talk and interact with each other.

    Question 3: Now that the boundary has been put, the Outs would feel dissatisfied because they would not be able to live a happy, luxury life in the Ins’ city but would now have to work hard to afford a living. This would not stop the Outs from coming since the boundary has not been made into a wall it is only a border marking and the Outs would easily be able to overcome this. The people of Ins should be happy since the place is not as crowded as it used to be meaning that the facilities and resources would not be overused and this would mean that the economy would still be able to thrive.

    Overall, the boundary will not work since the Outs would still want to live a better life and crowd at the Ins’ area so they would not hesitate because of a border that is marked on the ground. Instead, the Ins could take highly skilled people, people with knowledge and people with money so the Ins’ could make their city even better.

    Question 4: Being an Out, I would be unhappy about the wall being built because now, I would have to work extremely hard and I would also feel betrayed since once I was happily in the Ins’ city however, now, I’m being taken out of the area not to come back again. If I were an In, I would feel happy about the wall because The Outs would not have to come in and take all of the jobs, facilities, resources and money. The economy could grow better and I would have to work more peacefully without having to worry about how little money I would have to get.

    The wall is definitely different from the line because now it is a physical barrier that you cannot cross or look at and as an Out who has never seen such a magnificent city is quite upsetting. There is also a psychological barrier since the Ins have no friendship with us and hate us so it kind of restricts us from coming in welcomed and greeted.

    I would now behave differently because I have to live the hard way of life and work hard to survive in brutal conditions. I would also behave differently to the Ins if I ever get a chance to encounter them since they betrayed us after we lived happily in the Ins’ city. If I were an In, I wouldn’t behave any differently however I would be much happier since there are lots of facilities, resources, job vacancies and lots of salary.

    Question 5: I feel angry about this new wall since we are being thrown out of the amazing city of the Ins and betrayed so the sight of the wall makes me furious. The wall makes me feel restricted and isolated since the wall separates everything. It is not really that much of a difference because now we have to work hard tiring hours forever. My behaviour will change because I have experienced a better city and I will still be hopeful that maybe one day, I will get to see and visit the place.

    I believe that it was unfair to build the wall since the Outs were only people who were trying to seek better lives since they had unfortunate ones and were extremely poor. For Inoutia, they could join and make the economy better trading with other cities.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      busy_song's comment 08 May 2019

      Well done for reflecting on the different questions asked during this session. Can someone who had a different opinion explain what they thought?

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  • Highdown-logo-250x250.jpg loving_quince | Highdown School
    08 May 2019

    In the session I enjoyed being an in because we got to do whatever we liked and we had a great life. We could get our own food and we had enough money to get the help that we needed. It was a very luxurious life.

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