What I've learned about open-mindedness


We held a celebration event because our year in News Club is coming to an end. In the picture, another member of the club is talking about the financial crisis. I was asked to speak about one of the skills. This is what I said.

I spoke about open-mindedness; its benefits, how I've used it, and whether I've developed the skill.

Some benefits of having an open mind are that you can understand other people's views. You can avoid lots of arguments as you can say you understand the other person's views and resolve it peacefully. Finally it helps you to try new things because if you have an open mind you give everything a chance.

I have developed my open mind by supporting a view different from mine in a mini debate. This helps your open mind because if you argue for a view you don't care for, you begin to understand it more. Another way I have developed an open mind is by listening in school to News Club issues as we often write about our views and somebody might share their view. It helps me understand my classmates' opinion and respect it too, also, maybe imagine yourself in someone else's shoes.

I have used my open mind while doing activities that scare me and I have done things I used to be terrified of. I have also used my open mind while seeing a therapist for anxiety as I have to be open minded and give it a chance.

Overall, this is a really useful skill that helps tonnes and makes life a lot better for me. Hopefuly you will use this skill now if you already don't.

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change."

That is a quote from Albert Einstein and if you aren't willing to listen to Einstein I don't know who you will listen to. Thank you lots for listening.

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