What's The Point Of Trump's Wall?

What's the point of Trump's wall.

I don't think that there is much point in Donald Trump's wall for these reasons.

One of his reasons for the wall is to stop Mexicans from smuggling drugs into America. Well, there's a flaw in his plan. They may not be able to walk or drive across to America people they can still fly over the wall on planes or go by ocean on boats. This is one of the reasons why the wall is pointless.

To stop immigrants. Immigrants don't have to go by land or car. If they go to England or somewhere were they can get a plane to America, then they can migrate to America easily. Also, if he makes it so that anyone who's mexican can't go into America, then that means that any Mexican person can't travel to America; even for a holiday. Following on from that, Americans with Mexican relatives won't be able to see them very easily.

These are two of the main reasons in my opinions that makes the great wall absolutely useless and just a big waste of time and a LOT of money.

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