Hello it is me again enlightened_apricot back at it with more reassons why president Trump wants to build a wall to seperate them and the Mexacains .We have walls allover the country ik the Great Wall Of China and the Berlin Wall in Germany, but when Trump does build this wall he will have some of the highest sucuretiy sistumsso no one from the other side gets in to America.

if ther is conflict beetween the two countrys it will proberly cause more because the Mexacins might feel like a threat to America people think this idea of building a wall is good but then on the other side of that people hate this idea of haveing a wall ,mabey for some peole it could mabey make you feel like you are in a prison.Even tho some of the Trump fans do not like the idea of the wall to ,they support him aswell so if i was him i would listen to my supporters and ot build this wall but he will not listen.that is more reasons why Donald Trump should not build this wall.

by enlightend_apricot

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