Will some countries always have people escaping?


Some countries always seem to be a place that people want to escape. Although they might have been suffering for only three or four years, it feels like forever people in Syria have been making a move.


But will countries always stay the way they are, with weather that is uncontrolable, debts that are unpayable, wars that feel never ending and other countries that make your tiny land feel like you back garden?

"The average temperature in Damascus (December) is a little cool at 8.6 °C (47.48 °F).

Afternoons can be mild with average high temperatures reaching 13.8 °C (56.8 °F).

Overnight temperatures are generally cool with an average low of 3.8 °C (38.8 °F).

In December there is a range/ variation of daily average temperatures of 10 °C (18 °F).

The weather in December is dry with intermittent rain. A mere 39.9mm (1.6in) of H2O is dumped across on average 8 days.

In December the skies in Damascus are reasonably fine having an average of a moderate 6:03 of intense sunlight per day.

The shortest day is 9:55 long and the longest day is 10:04 long with an average length of 9:57.

There are approximately 3:45 per day when bright sunshine is absent due to cloud, haze or the sun being too low on the horizon to register."


Surely that doesn't help trading and important supplies from around the world. But will that ever change? Will it ever get better, even if people from England and America bring large supplies of fruit and all that would be needed, you couldn't trade. Climate change is not helping that! So, do you think some could tried will always have people on the move?

Yes, things like the weather will make the country less successful.

The weather can't be helped. People leave because they don't have enough food in the country they live in... So when others come they'll find they're in the same situation - They can't grow crops, there is a shortage of water, the temperatures are dangerous. You can't change the weather, countries at war will be much poorer for ages and otherwise under new control, they country might be scarred for life (or at least for a long time) after natural disasters like Earth quakes. Countries with many active volcanoes are in more danger than others. Can I do anything about that? Can you? We are only people and we can't do everything!! Situations can be helped and hindered, but altogether stoped???

No, eventually things will get better.

Even with unfortunate event like Earth quakes, one unlucky country will eventually find themselves in a better position. Surely Earth quakes will be less common if people decide to stop mining and digging. Surely extreme weather like a shortage of rain or flooding can be stopped when people realise that driving so much isn't too good for our planet!!! Yes, some things out out of our hands, but things can be made less common until eventually, they won't happen at all... (except from the odd couple. If too much damage is done...) People will want more land, and to have a successful one they will do all they can.

My opinion.

I believe that things can get better for anyone anywhere as EVENTUALLY, however long eventually is, rain will come, Sun will dry, and things might look a bit better. However, if the power has been passed down through a family, then it might be harder for things to change. North Korea is lead by Kim Jong-un who is the third supreme leader in the Kim dynasty, founded by his grandfather Kim il-Sung, the country's leader at the time of its establishment. People could rebel, but that is quite hard for a country like North Korea. The next child could refuse, but would they want to turn down so much power? The family could eventually find themselves with no people to rule over, so they would eventually die out, but do you think it's even possible for SO many people escape such a well guarded wall?

I think that if a country is suffering due to bad weather and hygiene conditions, things might eventually get better. But if a country is having a bad time because of a certain bad leader, a new start may be harder.

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