Will Trump's plan REALLY go on???

Trump's plan to build a wall is one of the many long, term plans that is being discussed at the momant. But is calling the situation an emergancy REALLY the solution he is looking for? How will Trump manage to build his wall at all or is it , like Brexit, going to be the only thing people talk about, but never make a decision on a LONG TIME LATER????

Yes, he will get round to building his wall!!!

By calling the situation an emergancy, Trump now has more power over what he can do with America's money, and his power as president. Trump has found his solution, as after being elected bt the people, it is his choice to make decisions and do what is best for America. Although he may have to go through a lot of questioning, those stoping him arem't president themselves and don't have the power Trump has. America is a thriving country, it can afford the $5.7 billion that the 1900 mile long wall will be. Once Trump get the money he needs, there won't be anything to stop him - so why should he??? Like I've said, yes, lots of people everywhere may disagree, but what power do they have compared to the man in charge of what is potentially the most powerful country in the world? What power do we in the UK have, to stop Trump's wall, when we aren't even living in the same country or even time zone. Yet, we can protest, we can do things to stop him like...

  • Stop trading with America, meaning it will be harder to find the money.
  • Protest in a way Trump can't ignore.
  • Make our voices heard through MPs and the Prime minister.

These may slow down the process of building a wall, but what he can do is much more than we can!!!!

No, it is a too bigger unrealistic plan that will never get round to actually happening.

Like Brexit, things don't seem to be happening any time soon. We may have been given a date we have to make a decision, but we worked round it and Trump's wall will probably be like that.

  • Because of the protesting, it will be hard for things to happen.
  • Because of the fact that lots of America still belongs to the people, Trump won't get round to building his wall.
  • Because of the fact that Trump is not entirely in charge, (he has people to help him, and to argue against his ideas) we KNOW that it is unlikely this crazy plan will ever happen!

That facts that people don't want to spend the country's money on a wall that might be breakable, meaning it will ever and tear, meaning people can push it down, climb over it, and, if they can get a plane, fly over it. Physical barriers cannot solve everything, as there will always be some sort of modern technology that can solve the problem of a wall that has been around since early humans. Building a wall to keep people out IS NOT NEW!!! And people in America know that. They know that the even the idea of bit is silly. Trump was elected by the people, to represent their voices. And if he's not, then the people have the power to kick him out.

All over the world, even in the toughest of places, people unhappy with their leaders decide to do something.




My opinion.

I believe that Trump will not succeed in his plans to build the wall. Yes, he is powerful, and yes, all his plan needs is persuasion and money, the fact that people in America can say that they don't agree, and can speak out against his plans, it will be hard for him to actually get round to building his wall.

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