Would you move?


Many people trying to escape war, poverty, or looking for a better life might look to move to another country. They might want to move somewhere to start fresh, to get a job, or to start a business. However, when they get there, they may end up begging in the streets, or maybe not being as successful as they hoped. But that won't have happened to everyone. Many people Would be had successful lives after they've left their old lives behind, becoming doctors, teachers, bankers and much more! But would you risk moving, unsure whether for the better of the worse, and leaving what you might've one called home.

Yes, it's always better to start fresh!

When you move to another better country, you have a second chance at life! You can leave all that weight on your chest, and finally be free from bombs dropping in your head, and hunger driving you mad! There would be no sleeping with your clothes on, ready to flee, and there would be no half full a glass of water that was meant to go around you and your friend's family that would last a month. There would be invoicing in moth-eaten, dirty clothes when you move to a new place. You could set up a business, work in a hospital, become a professor, or compete in the Olympics. You could run the London marathon, work as a journalist, become a teacher, or reach people your talents. Thereabouts be no end to the opportunities and chances, challenges and jobs that you could explore in this new life. Look how different your life could be...



No, be content with what you have!

Lots of people take living for granted. Even to have a tiny opportunity at life is such a blessing. Yes, you may have abetter life when you move but what is happening when you are the one the people are hating (yes, they're wrong to do that) but you are making their life worse! That sounds selfish, and although there may be two sides to the story, if you had quite a comfortable life before and moved somewhere "just for a nicer climate" or " because there is lots of fun activities " or even because your "jealous of the important buildings and places" then do you really have a right to go round demanding care and attention?

My opinion.

I believe that although it is important to be happy, content and accepting about where you live, it is important to do what you feel is reasonable. If your home is being bombed and your family is dying, maybe moving away is a good idea. If you didn't, because you were too worried about the people living in the country you're escaping to has "too many people" then you're not thinking about the saftey of not only you, but your family. Your life might be at risk, but someone might be bothered about some people having less job opportunities. However, people that already live in a fairly stable home might want to think about what life will ACTUALLY be like in that country. The reality. Here are a few questions that might be helpful.

  • Who will suffer from what I will do there?
  • Who looses out?
  • Am I ready? e.g the right money, suitable clothing and good health.
  • What will I gain?
  • Will I end up on the streets?
  • Will I get a home?

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