A controversial scenario


'Someone steals money to feed their family.'

Today I was thinking about this statement, and two sides to this. When I first read it, I thought, that's got to be forgiveable, right? If people don't have enough money to feed their family, then they could die of starvation. Especially if they have a big family of say 4 children, they could be really hard to provide for. If someone has no choice but to steal money, then surely it would be forgiveable? If someone stole my money, it wouldn't be as bad if they stole it for that reason opposing the idea that they stole it for a 50 inch plasma TV!

But then I thought- what if they're stealing from soemone who ALSO can't afford to feed their family? That would be a whole lot worse. The person that's stole the money from them could send the other family into being homeless, severely ill or even death if it's the extreme. That would be awful. Yes, it's crime, but it's hugely complicated. Instead of the police trying to track the thief down and arresting him, should they be focusing on making sure everybody in the country has enough food to eat?

What's your opinion on this statement? Would you forgive the thief or not?