A life of crime.


If I were a criminal, I know I would be very jumpy (which is why I wouldn't be a very good criminal!) about meeting anyone - especially the police. But the practical sides of a life of crime, may be quite a bit more interesting than we see.

Imagine your on the run. Your face is in the papers. You will be recognised instantly. What would you do about...


Criminals can't just decide they need food, walk into a shop (with newspapers that probably say stuff about THEM) and buy it. You would have to be quite sneaky. I don't mean to upset anyone but if you're a vicious and violent criminal you COULD threaten someone to go and get it for you. People could of course report you, but this issue is about VIOLENT crime, not cyber or food crime. So people would be scared. If you were very clever you could even find out something about them and again threaten to tell or use violence. If you worked with a gang, you could work together to get food and survival kits.

Medical supplies.

If the injury is serious, criminals may find they HAVE to go to a doctor, but if I'm gangs, one person is medically trained, it can be very useful. But a criminal who operates on there own would have to take extra care. Of course, small cuts and scrapes don't matter (in books I've read, the best thing to do is what lots of fruit and veg!) I believe that in order to survive, a criminal would have to use someone else to supply the with medical equipment.


Most places you go, you might find a few alley ways or maybe dark passages. This would be a good place to meet up, but would you chose the most likely place to live, if the police were looking for you. Remember, if you are in a gang of well know, violent criminals, who can't live in a house down the road. So, one possible idea for a criminal to live is somewhere the is deserted. If you or you and your gang live in a quiet street, miles away from anyone else, you would be fairly safe. Criminals could live somewhere privately with their family as THEY wouldn't tell a vicious murderer lived with them.

My opinion of a life of crime.

I think a life of crime would be hard, practically, mentally, and physically. Even really tough people are still humans and need to eat and drink. I don't cope very well with this sort (when camping or any other physically demanding activity) so I wouldn't make a good criminal. But do you think you could cope with the hard life criminals have to deal with EVERY DAY!!!

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