A message on knives to help save lives


Knife crime, it’s such a shame

These kids on the street think it’s all a game,

They don’t even care that people are dying

They just sit there laughing whilst mothers are crying.

Each day on the news I see a new murder

Innocent teens in the shop just buying a burger,

Before they know it a knifes been whipped out

Too quick to even release a shout.

We’d all love safe streets for the future generation

But it’s only possible if we come together as a nation.

So stop tring to be cool and putting on an act

It’s a waste of time and lives - and that’s a fact,

I’m warning you all who carry a knife

One wrong move and that’s somebody’s life!

So goodbye for now, but before you flee

Remember the urgency of my plea,

I ask you one thing, spread my message to others

To help come together and help our brothers!

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