A Speech to Gang Members

People are becoming homeless. People are dying. People are sad and upset because someone close to them has died. Because of you. What’s the point? Why even do it? It doesn’t change anything, well it does, but in a very negative way. It doesn’t mean that you are suddenlay able to become President of USA. That’s because all it does is have a negative impact in the way you behave. It means that you are more violent. Angrier, and even depressed. It doesn’t make you more supreme to the world. In fact, it‘s the opposite. Stop it. Stop abusing the fact that you are still alive, not like the people you killed in the riot last Tuesday. It’s making your life worse. Surely you can do better. Surely you can achieve something much more than killing innocent people. Gangs just change you. Just like you have probably changed others. When they took you in, what did you think? Did you think, yes- I can probably make a decent bit of money out of selling drugs. But you didn’t see the negative effects. You probably didn’t realise that you were going to stealing people’s lives out of your hatred. As I said. Stop. Stop and take a moment to look at who you really are. Are you having a happy life-a positive effect in the world. Or are you sad and angry-a negative effect on the world. But if you are sad and angry, then you still have the power to change. It is best to be who you really are. Not a gang member who kills people,. Change, or life will get harder.

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