A way to stop violent crime

My poem is about how adults should look after their children and their child's health. How you should look out for your child and how you should be making sure they are happy and occupied.

It's not just the adults we need to teach,

Teens, teachers and children too, everyone including you, we need to reach,

Neglect, peer pressure and grooming could all happen to you ,

That is why we all need to be aware,

Cause what's happenin' right now, it ain't fair,

Crime isn't just a game,

Think of all the innocent lives they have slain ,

I know parents, its not really your fault,

But remember always look out for your kids, they need your love,

Your children are happier and do more good, thats the result,

Even though you might think theres no hope left,

Teaching them or mentoring them won't result in theft,

Don't give up on them or they will feel the neglect,

Its not fair to let kids have less chances,

Everyone needs a good life without being called dunces,

Adults should be more involving,

A kids life and feelings are always evolving,

You should never ignore a child's needs

Always look out for childs secret pleads,

Loving and caring is just one of their silent demands,

Almost 1 billion pounds has been cut from youth clubs all around,

All there hopes and dreams have been banned,

Everything they own is torn and second hand,

Now they have to roam the streets like hell hounds,

It may seem impossible, but we can fight back,

And this is a way we can stop this havoc until crime cracks.

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