Acrostic poem about knife crime

On the 19th of February Burnet News club in Willowtown primary school created poems about knife crime we could present this as we wanted to. I decided to do an acrostic poem.

S is for stop, you have got to stop this mess, don’t give them your address otherwise you will stress

T is for tough, stick up for yourself, children these days don’t do this enough

O is for opportunity, you can choose a different way, don’t stay otherwise you will be their next prey

P is for personality, don’t change, you can find a different way, unless you want to be locked up in chains

K is for knife, don’t play around with knifes you might be the next one to end a life

N is for nauseous, all these lives lost if making me feel caught up inside like there is something lost

I is for intelligence, that’s what you need, don’t be the one that makes someone bleed

F is for friends, choose carefully you’ll lose don’t get stuck in the blues or else you will be in someone else’s shoes

E is for environment, look around you, see this trash don’t pass the gangs are around you

C is for communicate, youv gatta tell people see gangs on the street you have to go tell someone

R is for right, don’t be afraid to be right you have your opinion so go share it with your knight

I is for independence, you can do this don’t wait around for people otherwise you’ll lose this

M is for make a difference, you can do this don’t be afraid if your idea is different

E is for enough, enough is enough, can’t take this anymore because I have heard too much

By Knowledgable Iceberg

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