All the same day

This morning I looked out the window to see...

the same British weather spitting at me

the school children prepairing for their leave

But i help to wonder the other side of things

For the Alleyways and Takeaways are not as safe as they seem

living of fear for daylight it seems

Their black hoodies over their heads masking their faces for all to see

Or are they just keeping warm it is unshore to me

In cartoons the police are eating dounuts, not doing their jobs it seem

there is a common thing about this

DO the police really do their job?

Hunting the streets for criminals and outlaws that need to be set free of their evil deeds

I don't think their is enough

searching and protcting us.

You say we shouldn't carry weapons around

and your not wrong but...

If the police aren't there to protect us what do you expect from us?

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