Are criminals BORN or MADE ?


Me , marvellous_tree and persistent_acorn discussed about if criminals are born or made and we came up with that a bad surrounding can cause children born in that bad surrounding be born a criminal e.g. the place that the child lives/grows up in can be surrounded by gangs which could possibly had an effect on the child making the child have bad behaviour which later on could become from bad language to a crime of some sort !

Persistent_acorn has an opinion that criminals are rather made than born because children and teanagers are vulnerable because they have no idea of what gangs do once they have got a child or a teanager to their gang so if they want to earn money quickly they would sometimes be convinced by a friend of theirs or an unknown stranger to join their gang for money .

What do you think ?What are your opinions about criminals , are they born or made?

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