Are criminals born or made?

Criminals are made because every one is born normal so they choose to be involved in a crime.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    08 Jan 2019

    Hi majestic_bat,

    This is an interesting discussion starter for a post.

    However, you should try to give more detail to your own opinion. What do you mean when you say 'everyone is born normal?' and do you have evidence for what you mean.

    Do people always choose to be involved in a crime?
    Here are some examples to think about:
    Someone might be hiking and accidentally walk into private property which is trespassing
    Someone might be in a rush and forget to pay for one item in a shopping basket
    Someone might feel that they have no other choice but to commit a crime. For example, if they are blackmailed.

  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg content_lemon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    12 Jan 2019

    I believe criminals are made, my reasons being:
    - Criminals are sometimes pushed - blackmail - to do the wrong thing and that's not exactly their fault; they are in a vulnerable postion; scared of being isolated, lonely (peer pressure)
    - Unhappy (or abusive) childhood
    It destroys their livelyhood; they become agitated and bitter, angry and violent towards things.
    - Poverty is another factor
    - Lack of social support such as family, school and social authorities
    I believe that even somebody who has crimminal genes, biologically, if they are raised up in happy, secure, supportive and understanding families, who deal with problems that the youth brings with it, the young person(s) wouldn't push into criminality that easily. So even if they do fall, they will have a helping hand.
    What do you need more in life?

    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
      content_lemon's comment 14 Jan 2019

      You give some good reasons for criminals being 'made'!

      You also mention "criminal genes, biologically". I don't think there is any reputable research proving a link between genes and criminal activity.

      Why do you think a "happy, secure, supportive" environment is important for growing up?

    2. Pimlico-logo-250x250.jpg strong_lime | Pimlico Primary Academy
      content_lemon's comment 06 Feb 2019

      you have good reasons for criminals being "made"

  • Pimlico-logo-250x250.jpg Pimlico Primary Academy
    23 Jan 2019

    Some people might argue that criminals are born, not made. They might argue that they have relatives who are already criminals, and that people can genetically inherit a ‘criminal’ nature, although we agree with Tiff that there isn't much evidence to support this. There are also some people born with mental-health issues, such as those with kleptomania, who might commit crimes.
    However, other people might argue that criminals are not necessarily born, but are made by the society and environment in which they live. For example, friends and family might force someone to act in a certain way, or a person might commit a crime because of peer pressure. People might join gangs because they want safety and money, and might commit crimes because of this. Society might be to blame, because lots of people are homeless, poor, or jobless, and therefore these people sometimes have no choice but to commit a crime.
    In conclusion, our group believes that criminals can be either born or made, because it depends on the criminal. It depends on your family, your home, your own genetic make-up, but there is no one rule for each criminal.

  • Pimlico-logo-250x250.jpg strong_lime | Pimlico Primary Academy
    23 Jan 2019

    I think criminals are made because of their environment.

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