Are gang members really so bad???


The answer to that is no.Not always is the member of the gang happy to be in it.Some children,adults and mostly teenagers go in gangs because of reasons like this...

  • Seeking attention
  • Scared of the gang
  • Past experiences
  • Bullied into the gang
  • And more

Some gang members change. in my school we have seen a video of Stephen he is a former gang member and has done many bad things since the age of 8.He has been in prison more then 20 times and on the last time he had a change of heart.He realiesed what he did was wrong and that he had hurt many people.He dicided he wanted to lean he wanted a role model he wanted to change.He started a campain against young crime and gangs.Stephen became from a bad man to a good man.People used to be scared of him and now Stephen is a role model himself.He said it himself that he was very sorry for all the things he did.

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