Are most young people threatened to join a gang?


Even though England and Wales are still save places to live, there are still lots of crimes. But fortunately, they number of crimes have been going down for the last ten years.

Gangs have been committing crimes too but some people involved with gang violence may not want to be in a gang. So some have been forced to join one because of beacuse they had been threatened to do anything for the gang members. For example of you were threatened and told by a gang of teenagers and they said that it you didn't join them and do what they say they'll harm you and your family what would you do?

Although some might have been asked to be involved with crimes because they might thing that they'll be loved and will have lots of attention and that their ang will be just like family.

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  • I think that the gangs are mostly not going to recruit a young child

  • From the child’s point of view, I think they may feel safe being part of a gang but really this will cause trouble for them from rival gangs.

  • I would have to join if I wanted to live.
    I will always have someone to talk to, which could be taking A risk, but if any thing does happen the person that I spoke to will know everything that the police would need to know.