are people : forced , made , or born into gangs ?


there is multiple reasons why somebody is involved with a gang they could be ; born , made or forced into a gang

FORCED : people can be blackmailed into gangs for things like ; previous crimes and precious secrets . It can be hard making the decision of your secrets being spread or maybe even death because of the gang you have been blackmailed into are in a war between rivals . This is extremely unfair and worrying

MADE: this occurs with a lot of people now a days , they are born in a bad environment which makes them think whatever happend to them it is ok to do to other people or animals . hundreds maybe even thousands of people have been sucked into this side of humanity and it isnt fair that because of there lifestyle when they were younger they now have to live aware of everybody and cant enjoy there life like they should be able to .

BORN: not many people are actually born into a gang but a handful of them are if you dont understand , if you are born into a gang your parents will be the leaders of a gang and because you are their genes you are now the heir and when your parents retire from there place as a leader you will be forced to take there position and rule over your underworld yet as a child your life would be the toughest as you would have a bounty on your head and still when you become leader hundreds of other gang leaders would try an kill you to get : money , spotlight or even leadership over your members

these days these 3 are the most common reaons for joining a gang or creating one different reasons are : you want revenge or so you will have people who take care of you and teach you self defense but when you join a gang there will never be any turning back , most likely when you tell someone you dont want anything to do with the gang you may be killed or imprisoned becaue you already know to much information and you could hand them in to the police . it is not safe to join a gang or be freinds with anyone who is in one , you will get sucked in and at one point scarred .

in this post i would like you to create different reasons why someone woukld be either : FORCED , MADE , BORN OR SEEKING REVENGE

thankyou for reading my post I hope I inspired you to write your own post and I expanded your knowledge on lesson 1

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