Are we doing everything we can?


Most people say that violet crime is a miner thing but it is way bigger then just an miner issue. The most serious violent crimes are called Felony crimes,these are very serious and can carry a sentence of one year in prison or more. According to the Federal Bureau of investegation statiscics, in 2010 aproximatly 1,246,248. Violent crimes can happen in public spaces such as in the street, clubs and pubs, as well as at home or in the workplace, and often the victim knows the person who attacks them. When someone is committing a violent crime there is a weapon usually involved the most common weapons are:




.Tear Gas

Are we doing everything that we can?

People argue weather the police/ society are doing enough about violet crime in England, United States of America ,China, Japan. In the last years crimes have dereased by 17% in the United Kingdom. Many people state that we are doing more then enough because violent crime is decreasing but also increasing at the same time. On the other hand people also say that we are not doing enough, because if we did violent crime would not still be around. Everyone has a different opinion and because we a such a well developed society we take everyones ideas and put it into account. Like this site Burnet News Club we have people from different schools all over England,the pupils are puting their ideas forward so then other people,like myself can read their posts.

My oppinion

If you ask me I personaly think that violent crime will never end. There will always that one person that forces or influences a young child/adult into gangs. I also think that the world should always be ready to protect society from violent crime. I think this because if there will ever be an attack then it is not fair on the people that did nothing wrong. I have reasearched about this topic to find that lots of inocent people are being killed every day because of gangs and it was not their falt. Not every gang member had the choice to join a gang. Throughout human history violent crime has existed.

Overall, I believe that the police are not given enough money,therefore they can not do what they want or should do.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 30 Jan 2019

    Well done for explaining your point of view and your reasons. I think your information in your first paragraph is to do with America, and the FBI is American . Please can you add the link to where you got your research?