Be Yourself


People try control you?

I do not approve

So i tell you, make a move!

Never let them tell you who you are

Because soon they're going to go too far.

Listen friend you won't regret it

Please man listen, just for a bit!

When they make you change, they'll take advantage of that

They might make hit someone with a bat!

Or maybe kidnap!

If they force you to change, don't!

They might say they'll be nice, trust me they won't

They'll make you go mad!

That would be sad.

Just walk away

Because soon, they'll pay!

Don't be like them be who you choose to be

Or probably you could like me.

They give you respect, love and happiness

You'll give people violence, fear and depression

They'll pay with aggression.

So please friend follow my lead

We don't want this world filled with greed!

Be Yourself.

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