BNC Live - Censorship

Should we censor more documents/speeches, or should we allow more documents/speeches in order to let everybody have freedom of speech.

Personally, we should do a bit of both in different areas. For example, in areas such as explicit documents or music that involves explicit content, we should censor more depending on age and/or maturity (although there is no real way to measure this). But this should also come with the responsibility of the parents to decide whether the child is mature enough or not.

However, in areas such as speeches or debates, we should allow more things to be said. Take into account the problem we have been discussing for BNC live 2019- whether Judy Wycroft shouldf be allowed to speak or not. Do you guys think it is acceptable that people are even considering whether she is allowed to speak or not? Aren't you even a bit interested on what she has to say? The way we have assumed that the book is very wrong because we know the idea of wearing labels for ethnicities is very wrong is very wrong. We are literally judging a book by its cover (and the blurb). I am not saying the idea is right, I am just saying that in order to prove this book is wrong, we must read it and try to understand wher Judy is coming from, why she has this idea in her head.

Furthermore, the same thing applies to whether we should allow her to speak or not. She may have lots of good evidence that could support her idea- she may be really excited about this debate and what other people think about her idea. We are stopping her from sharing her thoughts/ knowledge with others. Kate claimed that if we allow Judy's illegitemate idea to be said then other people that might have even more illegitemate ideas may be encouraged to step up and explain their point of view. It may seem a waste of time to most people, but for that minority of people it may mean a lot to them if people just listened. Have you ever not been listened to? It must feel terrible!

In addition, through this debate, we may be able to change her ideas or beliefs and let her see our point of view- why we think she is being so unreasonable. This way, she can change her beliefs and the minority of people that support her may change their beliefs as well!

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