Can Justice Always Be Served ?


Although knife crime has gone down through out the year of 2018 unfortunately it has gone a little bit further up adding 100 people to the list of murders during the year of 2018. Gangs are quite becoming bigger and now they are recruiting children to do the dirty work. Gangs know that usally young children get away with things easier than the adults do so children are also involved in some nasty crimes.

Justice is usally served and people will pay, but for some, justice isn't just being locked up in a prison cell away from your family, but it is also the guilt people get from killing someone else and ending their life. Some people don't have guilt and are happy about what they've done but some are upset and the day they killed someone haunts them for life.

Knife crime is really serious and has become so serious that if people have knives on them, they could get arrested. Imagine if you were a chef a needed some knives to cut up some supplies but then you get taken to the police station because you can't have them. If you can proove you are a chef you are ok but that could happen again in another week and a different policeman took you to the station. But knife crimes are getting so bad but luckily the UK is still a good country to live in, the crime in our country isn't much compared to places like Brasil.

Even if we aren't as bad as places like Brasil, we still need to deal with are problem. Even if only on person got killed each year, that is still one life of a normal person trying to live their life, gone, for good. Imagine their family and friends, they could only be young, still have a whole future ahead of them but they got killed. That probably wasn't how imagined they'd go. We must stop as much crime and knife crime as we can before it gets out of hand. Justice must be served and people must pay for what they've done. It would not be fair if justice isn't served. But it's not really fair anyway, the victim lost their life and the killer has to be locked up for years. All of that could of been avoided if only no had hurt anyone in the first place. Have you ever wondered why people kill. Is it revenge? Is it disagreement? There is always a reason people don't just kill.

Justice must be served, always, no matter what. People must pay for what they've done. Justice is the right thing, but can it always be served?

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