Can knife crime really be solved?


People carry knife's to protect themselves, but if they actualy use a knife they start to get addicted and love the feeling. Although, is it even possible to stop those people from having/using those things that take lives every day? That is what you will find out by the end.

Can it really be stopped

Sometimes people think that a few more police will solve knife crime but to be honest it wont. A few police wont make much of a difference to prevent knife crime ,for those people out their will continue to develope new ways to avoid beighn caught, as they have been doing for more than a century! The only way this world will be rid of knife crime is if future technology has the power to scan everyone 500 times a minute which is taking the future to extream limits. Sounds cool? People predict that the future will solve all of our current issues like knife crime. Their is no way that their can be enough police to be eveywhere all the time which is why people will continue to kill with a knife. Which is also why no matter how much police we push on the streets knife crime will continue to happen.

Do they know when to stopp?

People who commit knife crime dont care: who they kill , why and when because people wouldn't use knives to kill if they cared. The only thing they would care about is beingh caught and centenced to prison wich if you commited knife crime would only thing that you would care about. They think of being caught after commiting knife crime a game of cat and mouse which is to show we are the cat in their opinions. That proves they dont want to give in and they can get really smart when we think of new ways to stopp them. Maybe that is why knife crime has still not come to the end.

Do we still have a chance to stop knife crime?

To do that we would have to be a couple thousand years in the future to have devolpoed special technology to prevent knife crime. At the moment we are stuck in our cruel wold of knife crime. It is all down to the future to put an end to it which is why it is just a matter of keeping safe.


what would you do to stop knife crime?

How will you help the future?

In your opinion what do you think of knife crime?

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