Can we trust the police ????


For the last coply of year knife crime has increased in th uk so the big question on people's mind is what is the police doing to stop all this and should we actually put all our trust and faith in the POLICE. Across the UK there has been an increase in knife crime, and lots of people are wondering are the police actully doing thier job properly to stop the increase of knife crime because by the looks of it sees like it is increasing so the question is are the police doing their job correctly..............????????

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  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_bilberry | Portobello High School
    08 Feb 2019

    The police are meant to keep the UK safe from harm like knife crimes and lots of other things,but we get your point that the police are not doing there jobs properly, but they might be doing it properly we just can't see them fixing all the crimes becuase they keep increasing.

  • Millbank-logo-250x250.jpg resourceful_eagle | Millbank Academy A
    08 Feb 2019

    i agree with you about your point and i think its hard to tell if their doing it properly or not depending if we acccially know what the sittuation is about like knife crime,voilent crime and more.

  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_singer | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
    18 Feb 2019

    The police should be trusted in view of the fact that, Peel's Metropolitan Police Act in 1829 started a fully established police force and the police is still here to this day. Furthermore, the police are the department owned by the government who is responsible for ensuring the security of the citizens of the country. However, the government can sometimes be unpredictable, if we think about Brexit. Police officers are aware of the laws, regulations and rights of each and every situation which means that they are equal as well as trustworthy. Police officers are quite harsh towards criminals just because they have committed a crime. But now officers are trained to stay cool and behave in a good manner with the public and the criminals. So this means that they are reachable. Also, getting hold of the police is easy. Just call 999; however, this doesn't mean that you should call them for small things.
    Therefore, it has been noticed that police officers are now much more active towards even a small crime. I got this from a website called 'Odyssey' ( I would send a link but it wasn't working ).
    On the opposing hand, the police may not be able to be trusted owing to the fact that, recently on the TV a man phoned the police about someone having over $10000 in his flat. But the police didn't come until a hour later. They eventually came and sorted it out. Now i'm questioning if police officers are a lot more active towards small crimes. Apparently, the police kill about 1,200 people each year.
    Here's a link:

    Overall, I think that the police force are trustworthy because they've been around for so long.

    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
      balanced_singer's comment 19 Feb 2019

      Hi balanced_singer,

      I think that figure of 1,200 people killed by police is an American one. In America, police and many citizens carry guns and there is a lot of discussion about how this leads to more deaths.

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