Children and drugs: Do they match?


I just saw a news article about children selling drugs.

It states that children are getting used by gangs to traffic drugs. They use dedicated mobile phones and "lines". It also says that the Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland said the figures were "shocking" and the exploitation was only slowly being recognised.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 31 Jan 2019

    Hi freespirited_iceberg,

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    This problem has been labelled 'County Lines'. It's when criminal networks move illegal drugs from cities to more rural areas around the UK to sell. These networks often exploit young people to do this work and it is seen as a growing problem in the UK.

  • I think that children do NOT match with drugs because children are to young to be with drugs yet not even anyone is allowed to be with it so that's why I think is TOO bad for children.

  • I think that anyone should not deal drugs but it would have too much effect on children which means they could commit In-human crimes.

  • dealing drugs is bad and it could cause children to have lung damage because the people around the people what are smoking it are in as much danger as the smoker

  • why do children decide to take drugs?

  • I think you should write more about kids selling drugs ,I don't entirely understand your argument, or if their even is an argument.

  • the drugs destroy kids lifes

  • its not fair they have their own rights even if they,v been forced to sell drugs

  • Children and drugs definitely do not match because it's bad for adults to take drugs so there is no good reason why children should take drugs. Don't a lot of parents say to not touch your medicine cabinet that doesent mean children can even touch drugs. So as you can tell I totally disagree with this and I'm not 100% sure but hopefully most children in the world do not take drugs as it is so very bad decision.

  • Children and drugs don’t go
    Toghether but people are using youngsters to do these crimes like stealing that might push them to bigger things

  • Yes I think drugs and children don’t match because It’s ruins their mental health and they don’t get to experience adulthood.They also They might also suffer a lot.

  • I think children and drugs DO NOT match because they kind of make kids use drugs and get ill and maybe die (young). This is because drugs have a nice taste in them to make you want to eat or drink them. People like to sell drugs (LEGALLY) to get money so they can become rich and buy more drugs (and keep it going like that).

    Drugs are a lot of money even for the smallest drug there is, this is because in shops they try to stop people from buying them but they find the money, steal some money or even rob the drugs!

    I use the right context because I used all of my knowledge and wrote it in my own words. 🙂

  • Children and drugs they are different
    Because some people have children and they have drugs and child can get sick and it’s bad for children,baby and for the person. And it not good for their health, drugs might give them a sickness and it might sentence you to the hospital . So I think that the children and drugs don’t march.

  • I don’t think children and drugs match because they don’t fully understand what they can do. It is really dangerous because it is not like it has been prescribed from the doctor, so it might harm them and if they overdose I could be fatal. Also they would not understand how illegal it is and how it will effect there family and reletive, for example if you were selling drugs and you got into trouble by the police your family be heartbroken and depressed because it not a good feeling to know that your child has doing the wrong things.
    In conclusion I would say that children aren’t a good match to drugs as it is dangerous.

  • I also agree that drugs and children do not match as it can make them come off as someone who they are not,so people do not want to be friends with them ruining their chance of a social life before even becoming a teenager.It also destroys their health so they could get sick from a young age and maybe dying,and if not they would live in miserie and not be able to do anything.Lastly,they would be pressured to start smoking as well and to steal and sell drugs so they could get cought by the police and not being able to enjoy life.

    In all of those scenarios it all ends with the child suffering and not getting a proper childhood,please don’t do drugs kids.Live your life and experience your childhood before it finishes,


  • Okay I have 3 points to make
    1.Drugs are very expensive,so why would a child buy drugs?Im sure the parents would notice if their money went missing or their child smelt of smoke or drugs.
    2.It can shorten their lives and even cause them to have cancer or even death at a young age,I mean ,why would you want to die early?
    3.Dont do drugs and just enjoy your life,it’s not worth wasting your time on drugs.Im sure you want to be healthy and have a great life ,don’t listen to others about what they think,just think good and don’t do sins like drugs and killing.

  • Children and Drugs... Not a good match. I think this because children should not be handling drugs at a an unreasonable age. It is not very good for the children as they can get ill and it can shorten their lives. Some children are given money to sell drugs and they can also get pressured in doing this. Drugs are very expensive and even though they might be given money to buy drugs it is still wrong of them to go out and do it. It will also get them in the habit of doing wrong which can lead them to prison. They might also get the urge, or pressure to do other bad things such as steal drugs. I think it is not right for children to be selling drugs as they are doing bad deeds and it's not benefiting for themselves or others.

  • We think that children and drugs don't match because children could get caught with the drugs even though the drugs are not there's and the gang members that are making them take the drugs to people and they are ruining a generation of children.

  • I don't think anyone matches with drugs, because of what they do to your body. They can harm you physically and mentally. I don't think people are always aware of what harm they can do, meaning they take them unwisely. When people feel happy because of them, they think they Do match. Children might think that they get a fiver when they deliver them. They work and match their goal. Gang leaders get money out of others for selling drugs. That works for them as well. But drugs (not medicine) don't match anyone, their bodies, or their brains!!!

  • I also think that children do not match with drugs because it can really damage your body. They can get addicted to drugs as well.