Climate Change action!


In my campaign, the carbon emissions that I would like to reduce is the toxic fumes from industries. Industries produced last year 38.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide; a billion tonnes of more carbon dioxide that last year in the world.

This campaign is important for everyone, young people and especially me since I haven't even grown up to become an adult as the older people have already done, we need the same oppotrunity as the older generation to live to a long life as well. Knowing that there will eventually be catastrophic and irreversible effects happening in twelve years, to our world, where is the only source of life that is known beyond distant galaxies, my bright future awaiting me that I have always aspired for-as many other young children like me also wishing for in their later life- seems impossible. However, with this campaign, we can journey into the impossible and make it possible; there is still time remaining.

If I would want to reduce emissions caused by factory fumes, I would have to try not to replace every product that I have with a new product as a replacement. This has proved to decrease the fumes that are coming in industries; people keep buying and replacing products and items giving a sense to the factory workers to create more and more items and the process of making more of these items causes greenhouse gases to be enitted into the atmosphere. Decreasing the buying and replacing will also decrease the need of the item being created and the factory workers will think the items do not have to be created and when the product is created less often, there will be less processing of making those items; this means that less greenhouse gases are made. I believe that everyone can achieve this task; a little sacrifice can lead to a substantial difference. People who have the habit of buying new items quite oftenly will need to change their ways in order to have a cleaner and more non-toxic environment.

I strongly believe that the best way to take action is for news laws to be implemented. These new laws can be for the government, with the massive sums of taxes, to use that money wisely and responsibly to have effective methods and solutions to stop greenhouse gases such as: hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind power or capturing the carbon dioxide under the Earth. I have chosen government action over individual action is because I believe that government action will have a more bigger impact than individual action and it will be an action that is more long lasting. The government can also increase the number of congestion charge areas.

I believe that the best way to cause awareness and take action is joining a protest. We can make a Climate Change protest joining millions across the nation to join and raise awareness for this serious issue. I have chosen this type of action because the news of protests always rushes around on the media so even more people outisde my protest can make a difference. In adittion, MPs might also consider it and it is one of the most effective ways to take action.

It has worked in the past; an example is the 2017 People's Climate March. This march was to cause awareness that we should do something about Climate Change in the USA and not to emit so much gases into the atmosphere. The protest gave a sign to the American president, Donald Trump, to do something about an issue that would (in the future) cause catastrophic effects. Two and a half years later, organistaion said that their movement had grown considerably more diverse. They said they were focused on building a political coalition capable of countering Trump and advancing liberal policies at all levels of government.

The barriers or challenges that I might face is that when you are doing a protest, is that you have to prevent all of the protesting people reacting badly and the police having to arest the people. I will have to contain the people's rage and keep a peaceful protest. Another challenge that will have to be faced is bad, unnecessary comments given to me.

I will overcome these challenges by ignoring these unnesecary comments; whatever politicians or world leaders say, I will have to keep up with my inspiring campaign to reduce Climate Change until there comes an irreversible change in the future. I will have to ignore these commments that are aimed for me since they want to put me down as a hopeful, young activist. I also have to be well prepared for the protest and gather a meeting in order for the protset ti be peaceful, not brutal and terrifying.

I everyone does a little difference like this, then in twelve years time, we will not have to face the irreversible and devastating consquences and give a chance for the future generations to live in a peaceful world. It is also beneficial to the animals since most species would perish in the catastrophic events of Climate Change and most species would find it hard to adapt to the weather and die.

I know that my actions will be sucessful when the Earth's temperature cools down and the future generation will finally live for what they have always wanted: a wonderful world. I will also know when the MPs finally consider and acknowledge what I have in mind and what all young activists have been fighting for.

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