Crime is dangerous! people can get threatened, injured or even killed. There are different types of crimes such as:

-violent crime

-knife crime

-and crime

For everyones safety your parents keep you safe especially when you live near a violent area. I have learnt many things from BNC like: the averge crime percentage has gone down by 17% i believe, and in my opinion that is much better because in the 1900s there was a whole lot of chaos. So what i am trying to prove here is that some people believe that Britan is the country with the most violence and murder but actually through out the world there are many more country's far and wide wich do include places like Russia, Africa (contenent) and Wales etc. I dont like having the feeling that there are young children my age murdering people, imagine their parents how horrified they must feel, they're child is in prison for goodness sake. Another thing learnt from the BNC is that there is a variety of ages out in the world doing crime from the age of 8-17 and there are even 50-60 year olds that do it too. I hate to hear crime, because did you know on new years day while everyone hopes to have a very happy new year there was a woman in about her 30s that got stabbed to death on NEW YEAR. WHAT! The person who got murdered must not of had a happy new year or the perosn who did that horrible thing, why because he's gone to prison.

I am happy though, because i live with my wonderful parents and have a wonderful hame and two cats. So if you still don't understand then i'll make a little summary:

Crime is bad, no one want's to be in a situation like that. Me trying to empthasize is saying i feel so abd i am sorry all those people are murdered for nothing just because the people who are doing this nonsense is for fun because teens get lots of homework and they can't do any fun. So they do it for fun which is really silly because they are taking lives away from people, people who do nothing bad, families missing a family member from them. Imagine how you'de feel? Imagine how the people loosing a member of family if ti is a parent, if it is a brother or a sister, if it was an aunt or uncle or even a cousin? how would you feel if it was one of your family members i probably won't forget about them even until my life ends.

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  • Ben.jpg Benjamin McDonald
    24 Jan 2019

    Thanks for your post. It's great to see how much you have learnt from your BNC sessions and you've shown lots of curiosity here. Well done! Do you think you can ask some questions to the rest of the Burnet News Club so that you start some conversation in the comments section?

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg dependable_expression | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    24 Jan 2019

    Thank u so much for this star I am so very grateful

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg busy_song | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    26 Jan 2019

    Your post made me think about the murderers who actually have done the crime (as well as the people who have been stabbed and have lost family members because of knife crime).

    For knife crime, the situation that young people and middle-aged people are stabbed and resulting them being killed is a horrific event to happen. If it was one of my family members who was being stabbed, I would feel heartbroken.

    However, is the fault all on the person who was committing the crime?

    I strongly believe that in some cases of violent crime being caused, it is not entirely their fault and they commit knife crime since:

    • They are not well educated about their surroundings and how knife crime effects people

    • They are pulled into gangs who act like role models to them and later leads them to committing knife crime

    • They have low grades in their secondary school, primary school or university and drop out of school uneducated

    • They have criminal records and nobody wants to put them forward to a job

    • To get revenge

    • To steal a valuable possession of a person

    The violent crime is often caused since they are not properly educated about gangs, violent crime and that it has an effect on people’s lives. Since they are unaware that there are violent areas, where people are caught into committing violent crime and are one of the victims of knife crime, they end up later behind bars. In my idea, they cannot be in prison forever and should be rehabilitated and make use of them to help the society.

    In addition, violent crime is caused since young people are swept into gangs. The gangs act like role models and fatherly figures to young people and they believe -at the end- that the gangs are people whom they should follow. Instead, they do what the dominant member of the gang or the whole of the gang says, which also includes selling drugs to people and doing violent behaviour, which is illegal, and against the law. They are influenced by the gangs and commit knife crime in the future.

    Violent crime is also caused because when they are in university, secondary school or even primary school and since they have low grades and fail in tests, they are more likely to drop out of their learning and because they have no qualifications for jobs, they are drawn and influenced by gangs. Since they are not as educated, they do not know about gangs and end up doing violent crime, causing devastation.

    Another reason for knife and violent crime is since the prisoners who are released from jail still have criminal records- no employer or business person wants to put them forward to a job since they have a criminal record. They also can easily get back into gangs and commit knife crime. I believe that we should educate the society to change their aspect of rehabilitated people who came out from prison.

    Violent crime happens through revenge since something serious has happened to them from someone for example:
    1) If a gang member or a loved one has got killed by someone

    2) If someone bullies you

    3) Someone has physically hurt you

    Another cause for violent crime happens because of poverty, they need essential needs to buy such as:

    1) Food

    2) living costs

    3) medicine

    They have no choice and since they do not have enough money to buy essential things for them and their family, they have to use illegal, criminal behaviour to do that and provide themselves and their family forcefully.

    In conclusion, it is also heart breaking to hear that the criminals have been through a lot of trouble and the main cause of young people (when they are adults) to commit violent crime is gangs. In addition, to prevent violent crime, one of the solutions is to educate young people about gangs and how it could affect their lives in the future since many people are unaware of it and end up doing violent crime. I also believe the the parents should act as role models to their children so they do not end up following gangs which they think are the right people to follow. Nevertheless, in some cases, the children do not have a good childhood because their parents neglect them or they do not have any parents at all which leads them to joining gangs and spoiling their adulthood. In my opinion, the society has to come forwards to make an access point to help those people without ignoring them.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      busy_song's comment 28 Jan 2019

      A brilliantly clear and well-communicated comment. Well done! Your final point about society coming forward is an interesting one. Can you tell us more about what you mean?

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      1. Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg busy_song | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
        Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 03 Feb 2019

        I strongly believe that society should step forwards since to prevent knife crime happening, the society together should play a role of it. The whole community (especially young people) should educate and help young people to avoid gangs. The youth gangs will only stop when the young people are involved since they are the main victims for knife crime and without their help, it will not be possible to achieve this task.

        I believe that in the community, the people who should get involved are:

        1) Schools

        I believe that schools should get involved in order to prevent knife crime and educate young people since their safety and education is vital and essential for their future. Therefore, we should educate them so that they do not end up in youth gangs, have no qualifications for a job (later in their lives) and that they do not harm other people in the future since of their lack of education. I believe that the government should make a law that every school in England should have a separate subject, which is self-defence. In this subject, young people will learn how to defend themselves if a person is using a knife or sharp instrument to cause against them; they will also learn how knife crime effects people and how to avoid being drawn into gangs with their nurturing personalities.

        2) Youth clubs

        The youth clubs should be part of the community helping to prevent crime since if there are more youth clubs inside the community, (aged 10-17) there will be young people with the guidance of parents joining in and this way, no young people will be involved in gangs meaning that there will be no knife crime in that area. Youth clubs can also educate young people about gangs and knife crime that they might get into when they are older.

        3) Parents

        Parents should act as role models to their children because young people get caught into gangs since they see gangs as role models who give them acceptance and attention. If parents act as role models to their children, their children will not fall into gangs. I also believe that they have the responsibility to educate their children about youth gangs and knife crime so the community is safer.

        4) Young people

        Young people should be part of the community stepping forwards to help young people since if young people act as role models, show the right way for other young people to become like and teach young people about gangs and knife crime, then young people will look up to those role models and become one of them.

        5) Police

        The police can identify quickly where the crime is happening with their intelligence and prevent it happening in advance. In addition, the culprits will be brought forwards to the court to give them effective punishments. In my opinion, we should educate them in a group class taking all of the culprits together and give them severe long term community service as a punishment.

        6) Parliament / Local council

        The parliament and the Local council can debate more about how to tackle this serious issue and implement new legislation and laws. Moreover, they can debate how to help police and the society overall. They can make a campaign ‘Help young People through knife crime’. This campaign can help to prevent knife crime and educate those who have done knife crime in the past.

        In conclusion, the whole community –including schools, parents, police, parliament and young people themselves- have a major role of responsibilities to prevent knife crimes happening.

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        1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
          busy_song's comment 04 Feb 2019

          This is a really interesting comment and will serve you well when you come to write your final piece. Great reasoning! I remember you writing something similar for a weekly competition. Can you remember what it was about? If so, I wonder what the similarities and differences are?

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