Crime is crime


"Crime is crime" nearly every news report, every news paper, every big debate starts with crime and ends with crime. However do we ever think about the consequence or the damage these promotes are making to our world. Today, I am going to be doing my presonal opinion on crime and how it affects us.

It is all crime

Do we ever realise that crime happens regularly and the effect is completely different depending on the crime. This is what I disagree with, I believe no matter how big or small the crime could be that all consequences are nearly equal. Even if someone had stollen money to help there family or someone has robbed a bank for fun, I still believe that either way it is crime. It may not be as effective to people or it may be to help someone but Crime is crime and I dont think that the punishment should be based on the situation or someone should be let of because of their problems or needs in life. I think it should be equal. Either way, they have stolen something, they have murdered someone, they did do something against the law and hurt or almost hurt someone.

On the other hand

In someways I do agree that punishment should be different depending on the scenario. One reason is, a murderer should have a worse punishment than someone who stole food because they are famin. Also a life sentenced in prison is not fair for those who have been framed or been in the wrong situation at the wrong time and have a difficult life at home. Furthermore, there is allways some reason behind why people are acting or behaving a certian way, and that can lead to another person who has influenced or abandoned someone leaving them with problems and life threats to deal with alone. Surely the perosn or event that got them in the situation should get punished or sorted out equally or more.


Now I have had my say, but what do you think? Share your ideas in the comments below. I will be replying to all of them!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 06 Feb 2019

    Thanks for your post. Your reasons on both sides of the argument have shown open-mindedness and you have been awarded a star.
    I'm unconvinced by your conclusion! I don't think you have said what you think, having looked at both sides of the argument. Which side has stronger reasons and is therefore the one you agree with?