Crime can be violent,

Crime is very bad,

Crime is cruel,

It is very sad.

Crime can be dangerous,

Crime is careless,

Crime is wrong,

Cime is definately fairless.

Crime is pointless

Crime is silly,

Why do people do it?

There are 16,238 murders yearly?

Never before have I been so disgusted,

What has our world become,

With all this crime and all these killings,

Something must be done.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 10 Jan 2019

    Hi unconventional_brain,

    Your poem has a lovely rhythm to it!

    At the end of this issue, we'll be covering poetry a lot more. For the next few weeks we want BNC members to really focus on facts, reasons and evidence. This is because in the BNC any creative storytelling should come when we are really informed and have thought through the issue.

    I'd suggest other BNC members wait to post any creative writing/poetry later in the issue.