Death surrounds the tape


I saw her lying there,

Blood oozing out of her chest,

As she lay lifeless,

She was crying,

Drops of mascara runs down her face,

While her trousers are immaculate,

The Howling Killers did this,

But it is as if everyone has buttons where their mouths are,

Saying not a single word,

Her hands are pale as Dandelions,

The context of her bag is sprawled across the street,

Her nails are jagged, clutching onto her scarf,

I watch the bystanders,

Each disappear at the tick of clock,

Leaving her, my sister alone,

Tears run down my cheeks,

I see Death there as the police take her away,

Hushing at me behind the police tape.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 28 Jan 2019

    Thanks for your very emotive poem. Please can I ask that we keep creative entries like this until the end of the Issue? You will be asked to write a poem as your Final piece. For now, it's important that we're sticking to understanding the statistics, news reports and reasons behind the recent increase in violent crime. Thanks!

  • Ok I didn't know that.