Do Gang Members Mean To Commit A Crime?


During our BNC session we learnt that sometimes people don’t mean to commit crimes and we found out that they usually trick children into helping them out and once you are involved in a gang it is very hard to get out of it. Sometimes, when you are in a gang, it feels like you belong there, and the people care about you and give you money and that is why some people are in a gang.

Usually, it starts off with someone in a gang asking you to drop a package off to someone and give you £5. Sometimes, children think £5 is enough money to go to the shop with their friends and then get some sweets and have some fun. Unfortunately, that package may have contained drugs and that means that you are already caught up in some gang stuff.

As you grow up and you start to really start to feel like you’ve have a place and a home in the gang but you also start realizing what you’re doing so you may try and talk to the leaders but as you’ve grown up they may turn to violence and then it is really hard to get out of the gang and you are probably going to hurt you because you want to leave. They feel trapped.

If they must stay, they start getting angry and may turn to violence themselves, that means that others are in danger because they are angry. And it started because the child took a package over for someone, thinking they were helping them. They are trapped in crime, they can’t turn their lives around easily, they can’t just leave, they are in the gang. they used to think that they had a home and a family, but that changed quickly. People are scared when they walk past. They need to escape the gang, but it isn’t as easy as it looks.

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