Do we really trust the media or newspapers propely?

Well...most news can't be true, the media is one place where you can simply, well lie.

People have to think way more! Most people get away with this! Another thing that others believe is news, did you know that the writing of The Sun is for 5 year olds that is alot! Especially for children, they basically believe anything which doesn't make any complete sense! No more little thinking, use are 'CURIOUSITY' and 'OPEN-MINDNESS' am I right? So we better use are brains, like NOW!

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  • We can’t always trust media or the newspaper because most people lie about being stab just for the fame 😵

  • We don't trust the media. This is because we don't know if they have told us the true story or if they have told us the story from their point of view. We are totally clueless.

  • From what I know, the media do tell the truth. But sometimes they can exaggerate it. Reporters are told in meetings before they present the public with the news to exaggerate negative news to keep the reader or watcher’s attention and sometimes to make a certain place look unsafe to be in. For example, (as said in the video), people are told that London is an unsafe place to live due to mugging and violent crime but according to the video we watched in class, countries outside of London have more gang crime going on than in London. So really, it’s a matter of how bad the media think the crime is and where it happens. If it is a mugging or a crime with no violence involved, they won’t exaggerate but if it’s a murder or a stabbing, they will exaggerate and say that the area which the crime has taken place in is dangerous.

  • I think media lies mostly because you can change stuff on software but if it's on the newspaper there is somebody who is witnessing it and then they write down what the person witnessed .