Do young people mean to do crime?

My opion:

I think that most young people really don’t mean to steal because some of them have a reason: they may not have food, they may be forced to steal or they might steal down to peer pressure as they feel everyone else has stolen so it’s ok.

My evidence to why young people are forced:

One day I was watching a programme about young people that get arrested for stealing or robbing and one of them said that they ran away because he was in trouble and that he did not know where to go. He went to a strangers house and stayed there for one or two weeks. When the boy decided to go back home, the person he was with told him to give him money because his family had helped the boy. The boy didn't have any money so the man said that he should rob a bank otherwise he would kill the boy. The boy was scared and didn’t know what to do so he robbed a bank. But then he got arrested.


Based on the story that I said from the previous paragraph , I now know that many people don't intend to do crime and that they are desperate or they are forced.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg unconventional_brain | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    17 Jan 2019

    Thanks for posting Magical_Fox, and I agree; young people don't usually mean to commit a crime they are usually forced to or doing it to stay alive.

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    1. Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg content_lemon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
      unconventional_brain's comment 18 Jan 2019

      I agree with you agreeing to magical_fox! Gangs being gangs, they do lots of illegal stuff; that can include forcing or threatening (although I don't think they're illegal, but they're still mean!). Also, they might feel lonely, and think of a gang like a family, and somewhere where people look after each other; that's the picture they have in their head. Also, because gangs are the ones ganging up on OTHERS, no-one gets the chance to bully the people in the gang (I'm sceptical of this, though. What if a gang gangs up on another gang?). That might be another reason someone would want to join. Most of the time, gang-members come from poor backrounds; either parents working full time or none at all to keep an eye out and teach them what's right and what's wrong. They do not have a positive influence/role model. I also agree with you magical_fox, when you say that the young people/gang members might think "well, everyone else in this gang is stealing and doing illegal stuff, so why can't I?" I think this is most often the case, but I'm not sure...

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