Does video games relate to crime


When you think about games with no blood young people might get so addicted they think shooting someone will be okay because they will not get hurt and only numbers will pop out of them. This has happened befor in USA kids have been picking up guns thinking shooting someone will be okay because it would just be a game and wont hurt anyone.

whitch games are these?

the games are fortnight,star wars battlefront,pixel gun 3d,paladins,call of mini infinity,sometimes roblox

Why do game creaters sometimes not include blood?

1. So it is a child avadable

2. So more people can buy the game

3.sometimes they dont realise what they are doing

What other things can make crime happen?

Music(grime) can also make crime happen making fun of a gang or other things.

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  • I dont really understand the question but I would say that video games might cause it in a way that they are seeing an event , and trying to act it out in a way that they dont know what their doing.