Final Piece - my slam poem


I have really enjoyed this knife crime issue and now I present my slam poem —

Hey everyone!

I have a message for you,

it’s really quite important,

and I think that you should know.

People are dying,

on the streets and in the alleys,

they’ll never have future,

if we don’t lend a hand.

Those in parliament are the ones I’m trying to reach,

Sturgeon, Davidson, Corbin, May,

stop discussing Brexit like it’s vital,

we are the future so listen to us.

I don’t want to hear

’We’re doing our best’

Shut up! If that’s your best,

you should be fired. Just stop...

and listen.

We have to open up more opportunities

in youth groups and clubs,

so people like them can get a job, a family,

so they can learn and really have a chance in life.

Imagine being in our position.

Knife crime,

violent crime,

scared to leave home.

So come on!

Spread the word,

make a poster,

ask a question...

...Cause I really doubt you’d want to be in their situation.