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There has been a surge in violent crime in england and wales. Let's get into some of the details. Parts of the media have declared that violent crime has turned the meduia into "wild west britain" and one paper asks " have we lost control of our streets?"

The most recent official statistics on police recorded crime show there were 1.3 million violent crimes in england and wales last year. Across the nation this should fill us with great fear. Violent crime covers a variety of offences- ranging from common assault to murder. The fact that young people are getting involved is spine chilling. how can we as people, how can we as a nation, encourage people to choose another direction, to turn away from crime and knives and learn to be happy and lead happy and peaceful lives? As well as writing about the statistics, i am going to be studying on gangs. Gangs grow quickly and have a bad influence on anyone trying to find comfort. If children were educated at a young age on what gangs really are, it could really impact their future.

Thanks for listening. :)

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