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Gangs and Influencers

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to be writing up my final piece for the subject 'Crime'. I am going to be looking closely in on Young members of Gangs and how they feel personally. Please enjoy!

I feel childeren are vunerable and easier to get hold of, persuaded and be abandoned. Between Families life is tough, they may fight, not get on or even be split up entirely. School is extremely stressfull and has super high expectations, this can scare people. Through all of this stressfull time, if a child is abandoned they have to deal with friends, popularity, money or even anxiety alone. All together this leaves a child in a horrible state of anger, sorrow, stress and more. They could feel they have no family to rely on as life get's tougher. This leads to them joining gangs, were at the beginning they feel secure and safe, however things change.

Over time, Gangs get into lots of trouble and hurt people, steal things, vandilise public places. However under all the thick skin that conveys a tough care-free warrior is a child or teen desperate for help, love and family.

I am not going to go into further details on what gangs do. I am going to explain how I think society can stop gangs growing.

Gangs, grow quickly and have a bad infuence on anyone struggling to find comfort. If childeren were educated at a young age on what gangs do, how you can stop them for growing and what trouble you get into it could help them lots in the future.

I wrote a song on This topic and I have loved to share it with you!

Lost and abandoned,

no light to find my way home

bunked out the classroom

feel lost so I go away and Rome

Everyday, it's just the same

it is crazy so so crazy

If I don't find a place called home,

I'll allways be alone,

as my eyes fill with tears,

a gang suddenly appears

I thought they cared,

But as time moves on,

I realised what there plan was all along,

the scary thoughts

there growing,not going

I have got to stay strong

That is it! I really hope you have enjoyed my posts on Crime.

Hardworking_cloud going offline xx

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  • Highdown-logo-250x250.jpg fulfilled_queen | Highdown School
    13 Feb 2019

    I like how you focused on the element gangs. What do you think the short-term and long-term consequences on joining a gang

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