Find A Way, Not Knife Play


Find a way, not knife play.

Please help us stop knife crime now,

Please help people dying.

Wont sombody show us how,

Stop the children lying

Children getting very mad,

Cause they cant go outside.

We're trying to keep them safe,

Because they could have died.

Kids having nowhere to go,

Their homes getting destroyed.

They pick knifes whilst we say no,

They're weapons! Not your toys!

They're careless with their actions,

They dont know what they do.

It's not a competition,

You will not win or lose.

They do it out of their rage,

To make them feel better.

A life has a fewer page,

Like one from a letter.

They kill out of their anger,

Sometimes in the right day.

Butwhen a life is over,

They'll have a price to pay.

Don't give them longer treasons,

That's to much of a cost.

I have lots more reasons,

When peoples lives are lost.

Have commiters on the spot,

Make then under pressure.

They'll soon regret what they got,

A sentence, not treasure!

Make karma harder to bear,

Don't hit them with a bat.

Im speaking to ypou out there,

That's what I mean by that!

Get police out on the street,

And they can show us why.

Crime is wrong and make ends meet,

So fewer people die.

Thought it's a good idea,

We can't have lotsn and lots.

Not on the streets or IKEA,

That's not where lives are lost.

Fond a way, not knife play!

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