Imagine you are a lonly child. You have no friends, no one that cares for you. You never see your parents, they never see you, whether or not they care is a different matter. You are always the one left out, always the one who is scared inside. Someone comes up to you and asks if you want to join their family of people facing the same thing. They offer love and kindness and offer you respect. These people are, at first impressions, kind. So you like them. But others are gangs as horrifying criminals who go around carrying knives and killing people. "Don't go near them!" they say. " they're involved with gangs. "

They spit out the word like a disgusting taste in their mouth.

Others are the poor people in gangs, who never asked to be with such scary people. They don't want to be there. Someone asked them to take a package to another flat, and gave you £20. You're part of the group now.

We all think of them differently. This web talks of facts and opinions, and tells us of many different perspectives on gangs, their role, and what they do.

Here are some opinions!

(They are all fictional and not my real perspective)

The lonely child's view.

(Written in first person)

They accepted me, respected me. Treated me like a human, and gave me treats. They complimented me, have me easy work, distracted me from my grief, and became my role models. They were like a family to me, my gang were. They got me into trouble, but they knew me, interacted with me. That's more than I've ever had. They're not bad people. They take in children of The streets and give us company. I love my gang. My family. The group I go around with.

That doesn't make them sound too bad, does it. And although slightly one sided, quite a lot of that story is true. They are role models to people with none. They do take kids of the street and give them attention. But not always do kids are what their future holds...

The disapproving side.

Disgusting and shameful groups of people who embarrass us and themselves. They waste their lives and ruin ours. Gangs. Horrible terrible people. No one likes them, and we DON'T care. I have no pity and DO NOt forgive them. How many people's lives have they ruined by these trouble makers. I hate them! I hate all of them! If they weren't on This planet, would you hear of all these murders and terrible, terrible crimes. Why, wouldn't this would be one million times better without them.

This is a useful website on the problems gangs bring.

In the middle.

I see gangs quite often. They aren't bad people. They just get mixed up in the wrong people and places. They are quite friendly really. They simile and wave, when we give them a chocolate been that thank us and eat it like there's no tomorrow. I've seen lots of lonely people welcomed into their group. But their not that great either. They carry knives and threaten. I ran way once because I saw their boss screaming and swiping a dagger around their alley. They fight over land and are often involved in crimes, or at least they seem to be around when their has been criminal activity going on. But I can't help liking them. They are humans like me after all.

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