Gangs and crimes

Gangs are a big thing these days and sometimes believe it or not these gangs make people feel that they are part of a family or a good relationship between friends. These groups affect young people and their lifestyle in many ways for because it can make teenagers not feel vulnerable as when they are alone they feel down and pretty much have no one to ccommunicate with.Defining gangs is very difficult for us but is very easy for members of gangs.Gangs tend to fall into three categories:peer groups,street gangs,and organised crime groups.It is oe iat cn be common for groups of children or young people to gather together in public places to socialise with each other. However,organised crime groups are made to either hurt someone mentally or physically. Crime gangs are just made to hurt someone's feeling or just to hurt someone because you don't particulary like them.A street gang can be described as a relatively durable, predominantly street-based group of children who see themselves (and are seen by others) as a discernible group for whom crime and violence is integral to the group's identity.People who are included in a street gang think tht they are strong and whom violent means their identity.Members of the gangs clearly thing everyone has to do as they say because they thing they have the power to do what they want which is wrong.A street gang will engage in criminal activity and violence and may lay claim over territory (not necessarily geographical for example it could include an illegal economy territory). They have some form of identifying structure featuring a hierarchy usually based on age, physical strength, propensity to violence or older sibling rank. There may be certain rites involving antisocial or criminal behaviour or sex acts in order to become part of the gang. They are in conflict with other similar gangs.


The risk or potential risk of harm to the child may be as a victim, a gang member or both - in relation to their peers or to a gang-involved adult in their household. Teenagers can be particularly vulnerable to recruitment into gangs and involvement in gang violence. This vulnerability may be exacerbated by risk factors in an individual's background, including violence in the family, involvement of siblings in gangs, poor educational attainment, or poverty or mental health problems.A child who is affected by gang activity, criminal exploitation or serious youth violence can be at risk of significant harm through physical, sexual and emotional abuse.Violence is a way for gang members to gain recognition and respect by asserting their power and authority in the street, with a large proportion of street crime perpetrated against members of other gangs or the relatives of gang members.


Overall I think people are just in gangs so that they gain their reputation and respect that they think they should earn.To be honest I think if i where in a gangv(which I am never going to be in) I would feel ashamed of myself with the way I react with others and the way I treat others. If I feel this way then we get a good idea of how some gang members may feel or how much they regret being in the gang they are currently in.

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    12 Feb 2019

    Thanks for your post. It looks like you've done some good research here. You must remember to post where you find your research and put any copied text in quotation marks.

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