Gangs Need To Stop

Lately in the Burnet News Club we have been learning about the violent crimes and gang cultures.

That is the culture where gangs, criminality and violence can spread like a disease.

A gang is predominantly a street-based group which engages in a wide range of criminal activity and violence.

That tends to involve defending their territory but it’s crucial to understand just how difficult it is for kids to get out once they have been sucked in.

Locking Children up is no long-term solution as it doesn’t tackle why they joined the gang in the first place.

The cure is a culture of strong and positive relationships that encourage confidence and security.

We need to aim to build trust and belief through mentors.

These young people have incredible potential, but that potential is often overwhelmed by a pervasive sense of fear, a lack of hope for anything different and an “I’ve got nothing to lose” mentality.

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