Gangs seem cool

Gangs seem cool;

Its nice to feel like you belong,

But being in a crime gang,

Now that’s totally wrong.

At first it starts off simple,

Rob a corner shop,

But when it gets too easy,

You know that you just can’t stop.

You have to mug someone, stab someone, tie someone up,

Drug someone, shoot someone, mess someone up,

The crimes get worse, as you get older,

You get stronger, meaner, crueller, bolder.

But then, you get in trouble. You went too far

Your record is shown, and you’re put behind bars.

For a long, long time, because you just wouldn’t stop,

Even though you know it all started with a corner shop.

And now, in prison for 12 years, it’s not much fun

But then you realise, all that you've done;

You mugged someone, stabbed someone, tied someone up.

Then you drugged someone, shot someone, messed someone up.

You wish you could go back, back to change the past,

Or that these things would blow over, that they won’t last.

But they do last, they really do, for a long, long time,

So when you sit in your cell, don’t moan and whine

Because this is all your fault, you made this mess,

But now you have a chance to be your best,

The best that you could possibly be, if you stop and think, responsibly.

Serve your time, then put things right,

Don’t backchat, don’t get cocky, don’t fight,

And when you’re out, go help the people,

Who are helping the other gang members to stay legal.

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