Going into detail... Final Piece: Knife Crime Poem and Additional Information:


Why is knife crime increasing?

The question is, why is knife crime rising?

The amount it has risen is quite surprising,

Since 2000, the numbers go up,

When will this be put to a stop?

More and more people are jeopardized,

More and more criminals, despised.

When will this be put to a stop?

If crime rises persistently,

Then where is the space for positivity?

Criminals may be influenced by their peers,

But is that to blame?

Or is there a biological side?

Perhaps, we do not see the whole picture.

Knife crime may not be represented accurately in the media.

Many people are impacted greatly,

Knife crime is spreading around the news lately.

When will this be put to a stop?

The real question is, will it ever stop?

Many critics argue that, it is due to the accessibility of knives,

But is that the cause for the loss of so many lives?

Knives are found in shops, warehouses, essentially everywhere,

Is this the cause of an immense amount of despair?

Knife crime may be increasing due to the reason behind carrying a knife,

It may be easier to have a knife as some may be taking it home,

Or, perhaps it is used for protection?

Many families are impacted,

Think about how they would feel.




No amount of words can describe the hurt they would experience.

Constant pain that travels around their body,

Unbearable pain, that causes them to break down.

Some criminals plead for mercy,

But what is the use in pleading after the damage has been done?

Furthermore, another reason may be,

If the city or town is dangerous,

People may feel obligated to carry a weapon,

In order to feel safe? Perhaps.

In order to do something, if that case may occur? Perhaps.

Some may feel as if they have to (under pressure)? Perhaps.

Think about the damage.

Put down the knife,

Minimise the crime.

(Final summary: Firstly, I hope everyone enjoyed reading my poem, but, in this paragraph i will be explaining my thoughts and reasons behind this poem. To begin with, i wanted to include some statistics from my previous work however i wanted to portray it in the style of a poem. I wanted to create a poem that would not only inform you, but i wanted you to enjoy the poem as well. I, also, wanted to include how the criminals thought and if the media representations were accurate or not. Toward the end, i wanted to create an apprehensive and serious atmosphere so it could point out the key points of what knife crime does to people and their families. In additon, I wanted to include repition so the audience may be able to memorise it. In my opinion, I enjoyed writing this poem however if you would like more information about it, then please read my previous post to find out more. I would love for everyone to comment their ideas and what they thought, thank you.)

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    13 Feb 2019

    Well done for reflecting on your work and explaining why and how you have chosen to write your Final piece. I think the ending is very effective. Also, using questions and answers to structure the storytelling is a clever way to get your message across.

    1. Ormiston-Park-logo-250x250.jpg powerful_robin | Ormiston Park Academy
      Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 13 Feb 2019

      Thank you for the star! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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