Haiku Slam - Knife Crime


This is my haiku slam (technically they are not haikus as haikus are meant to have a seasonal reference, however they fit the syllable count) about young people and knife crime:

Knife crime ruins lives

Happiness destroyed by knives

Let loose on our streets

Young people caught up

In things they never wanted

Portrayed as killers

In reality

All they want is family

Friends, strength in numbers

The lure of money

The promise of belonging

Draws them into traps

They find themselves stuck

Wanting to leave, to escape

But stuck in a gang

Media reports

Newspapers, broadsheets, tabloids

Social media

Showing them as bad

Negative propanganda

Older is safer

Sites unrelenting

Only news about the young

As if it's just kids

In reality

It is often the adults

But kids are shown more

What is it they see

Which makes the crimes by children

Much more newsworthy

So much crime always

Yet we never know unless

It is done by kids

Why does media

Show children in a bad light

When it's adults too

I think that the crimes

By adults are more shocking

For many reasons

They are much older

They should know the difference

Between right and wrong

They are expected

To be more responsible

As they are older

They should be able

To make decisions, as they

Have experience

Children cannot take

The burden of such choices

They are only young

So why are they shown

In such a negative light

Adults do this too

The truth really is

That children are more likely

To become victims

Some just carry knives

As a form of protection

Which leads to more harm

They think knives will help

To keep them safe, but really

It puts them at risk

This could be changed if

Adults gave to their children

Just more protection

It's the adult's job

To keep children safe from harm

And not using knives

If they took this job

More seriously than now

They wouldn't need knives

So, when you see news

About children and knife crime

Just remember that:

They aren't always bad

Just unable to escape

The mess they're stuck in

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