Has violent crime risen since 2017 and how do police deal with this?

Violent crime seems to be one of the most common subjects on the news of recent times so I was wondering how much violent crime has actually risen.

In London, there were one hundred and twenty-one homicides all together - sixty eight stabbing incidents, twelve shootings ( despite guns are illegal in this country) , two involving both methods and one where someone was pushed over an edge. Shockingly, a third of these cases are involving children from 16-24.This was just in 2018. These figures are discluding the terror attacks we had in 2018.In 2017, the amount of people killed was one hundred and eighteen so there has not been a massive change but the figures are still to high.

The government are now making this one of their top priorities ( apart from Brexit) but should this have been done before the level of deaths became so high?

I am going to explain about how police investigate a scene of violent crime. First, the area will be cornered of for investigation and only members of the police force will be allowed in. Then, a forensic pathologist will be called in to do a small examination of the body ( if it is a death) before the body is taken to the lab. Forensic scientists are also called on to the scene to sweep for fingerprints, DNA, footprints or any residue left possibly from the killer. Next, the forensic pathologist does a full examination of the body at the police station. Meanwhile, the police try to find possible suspects, witnesses and CCTV which could help to show the criminal. Usually, if a suspect has emerged, the suspect will first be taken into a interview room - which has a double-sided mirror, and a recorded interview is taken. Then, the police try to gain enough evidence, gathered by themselves and the forensics team, to arrest the perpertrator and to win in court.

Forensics means anything viable as evdience in court.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Statistics found at https://www.independent.co.uk/.../london-murder-crime-rate-stabbings-met-police-statist...

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    07 Jan 2019

    Thanks for your post on this new topic! It's good to see that you have added a source for your statistics. Well done. Where do you think newspapers find their statistics from? It would be interesting to hear what you think about this after session 2.
    Also, your post is about two different topics which makes it difficult to know which part to reply to! Next time, try sticking to one subject per post and explaining that idea in full.

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