Hate crime poem

Why'd you feel good sending all this hate using knife crimes

and acting all great as if we owe you our fate

pointing your fingers at me and my peers

you messed up homie cuz i got them till the end.

Then i see these tiny tiny people

using knives as their shields

got no talent other than hurting my friends

don't wanna make you famous so I won't mention name

Like it or not but your acts are sore

don't even know you but i feel bad

you're out there probably listening and thinking why?

i'll take you make you a good reputation if you leave this rubbish

so stop this rubbish and go back to plain

if you cannot stop then listen listen and learn

cuz we will bite when its our turn

Can't deal with the fact that we doin' it right

It kills you to see our future is bright

All you do is hate so just take a break

These reputations you make are not for good

Its's about time you let go of all your anger

cuz whats the point of a life like this?

I'll wrap this up

stop these crimes you helped me make a hit i'm not gonna lie

you're not just a bad person but a gentle human in my eyes

we can all stay friends

Remember i'll be here all day dropping these inspirations

so just come back if you feel a change.

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