How can we prevent knife crime?

In my opinion, I think that increasing the amount of police there are on the streets would be the most efficient way to prevent knife crime, although there are some disadvantages to this. Disadvantages of employing more police onto the streets are that they would need to be people willing to be employed, which potentially could be harder to do as the knife crime increases and people fear receiving injuries from their job. Having more police on the streets could mean that there is a potential increase in police brutality and discrimination to certain groups of people.

On the other hand, having more police on the streets would stop dangerous or suspicious behaviour and stop gangs. This would stop/decrease knife crime because there would be less gangs, which are the leading reason for the increase in drugs and knife crime. Therefore, having more police on the streets would increase the finding of knife crime and suspicious behaviour and preventing it.

An example of where having more police on the streets have been tried is London, after there was a very large increase in knife crime in April last year. The rising wave of knife crime was seen when London saw six stabbings on the 5th of April last year, 90 minutes into Thursday.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 07 Feb 2019

    Some people say more police isn't the answer and that preventing people from falling into gangs and better support for young people is a better solution. How would you respond to this?