How can we resolve youth crime ?


Whats the cause of youth crime ?

There seems to be more knife crime every year. According to May Bulmann, an Independent reporter, Oasis Youth service in London has reported the most young victims of knife attacks in 2018.

Why are there so many knife attacks in London? Part of the reason is that when there was an economic crisis in 2008, it led to the government cutting down money to public goods such as: Leisure centres, Youth communities and libraries. This then led them to shut down because they don't have enough surpport and money to carry on.This means that kids with families who are poorer have no place to go but the street.

Dr. Anthony Gunther, a youth crime author said, "Kids and teenagers need proper role models such as: a proper father or mother, a teacher, a sportsman or someone they can trust, not a gang leader or someone else who could be called a criminal." Youth crime can also be caused by: drugs, racism and even TV violence. These all cause you to either be very agressive or depressed or really unhealthy.

Knife crime has gone up so much that it beat New York in February 1, Andrew Gilligan, a Guadian reporter claimed,"On February 1, Londons knife crime has overtaken New York's record of 14 in a month, for the first time in history. Knife crime will carry on if we dont do something quick."

In the end, the poor almost always suffer, because they have to pay yet the rich can just get a lawyer and get away with their crime, the irony is just sickening.

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