How can we stop this?


Right, sadness, forgiveness, family, fairness, trust, revenge, fear, dangerous, scary, belonging, misleading, punishment, angry, these are reasons and feelings, when people do crime. In 2012, world wide, there was recorded 8.9 million crimes (all types) Every year it falls by 14% in Wales and England. In the UK the most common crime is violent crime. Violent crime gets lot of media attention.

In class, we learnt Septhon's Story, when he was young, a gang were grooming him, giving him attention and acting like a father to him. So when the gang made Septhon his very close apprentice, the gang made him go and send drugs to other men, at first he didn't know what it was, until later on. He was in a dilemma. He was scared, so he started taking wepons to protect him. He went in jail seven times. He was filled with anger. There was no person to go to. Now he was older and joined a charity to stop gangs, because he regretted what he did in the past.

So, how can we stop it? I personally say that they should be more youth clubs, because the teens are the ones really getting into this, and the clubs will distract them for no trouble. Or, teachers can teach about this for them to feel like this am not getting into this mess. So it might cut the majority of people doing crime. Please comment if you have an idea about maybe how it can cut down. I'd like to see your ideas.

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